The Boss Clown Says:

Thank you all for all your great work so far this year. We have really done a lot of work
and enjoyed many new events. It is very important that you find time to attend our monthly
meeting as all our work is gone over and commitments are made. When I first joined the unit
I knew I needed to attend 4 meetings and I arraigned my schedule accordingly. After the first
couple of meetings I found that everything I needed to know was discussed at that time and other
than last month I do not remember missing a meeting since. I even planed vacations around the
third Wednesday. What makes our unit great is the unity we have and the common cause of the
Children in our Hospitals. I know some of you had gigs on Wednesday but please rotate that
schedule so the same Clown is not always scheduled that day. We have a lot to do before the end
of the year. When the parades subside in October Bo Bo will need help with the Equipment and I
will need help in the Clown Room. I plan to redo the Refreshment area and could us a carpenter
electrician and plumber. I have every intention to have this done before the end of the year. I am
dangerous with tools so I am asking for help. Please let me know soon.

I am very proud of all the work you new clowns have done. Your costumes, your commitment to
learning and performing has been outstanding. Always remember we would really like to increase
our unit and I ask you to contact your friends in your blue lodge. I will be happy to meet with
anyone anywhere at any time. Please make every effort to attend our awards Banquet with your Ladies
and for those of you that this is new please contact me and I will go over the entire weekend.

This is the highlight of our year and absolutely a great time for the ladies.

Your Boss Clown,