Welcome to the online home of the Aleppo Shriners Clown Unit from Wilmington, MA!

The Boss Clown Says:

Four years have come and gone and the proof is in the pudding.
Matey and his staff have given this unit a great life and a large challenge for me and my staff to live up to.
This year of preparation has given us a head start and the transition has gone very well. I want to thank each
and every one of you for your confidence in me and want you to know that I will work hard every day to make
things easier to access the things you need.

To that end we now have our own Web Site aleppoclowns.org. Please access
this site as soon as possible and browse around taking particular note to the funny business
section. This will be your jobs section and will contain all the information on upcoming jobs, step offs, directions,
who has volunteered,where to park. The information is old and limited at the moment as the new parade information
is not yet available.

Please contact Tekky your new Web Coordinator with any questions;
I want everyone to be comfortable with the use of the site.
Once again I am very proud to be your Representative and thankful for your support.
Let us always remember why we do what we do for The Children and make this year the best we can.

   Your Boss Clown,

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