The Boss Clown Says:

The Circus is over and although not everything runs perfect we have a lot to be proud of and thankful for! Full coverage was provided by all our Joey' s at every performance. Many of our senior Clowns were there and we are all thankful for their help. Our second year Cannon Photo shoot was a great success. Bo Bo ( assisted by Swifty ) worked tirelessly throughout the circus to provide a great fund raising activity. Our ladies brought back the face painting to the unit for the first time in years and it was a smash success. I want to thank all the ladies Linda Coutoumas, Natalie Peterson, Sheryl Inza, Jo Diminico, Joyce Brown, Misty Bosworth, Diane Newcomb, Emily Dickey, Barbara Dickey, Jasmine Georgoudis, Abbey Georgoudis, Leslie Brackett, Tricia Dominico, Gianna Dominico, ( Bondo' s grandaugter ) Kristen and Amy Tetrault for being there for us. This was no small task and shows how important your support is. Please forgive me if I missed any one I tried to make sure no one was missed.

In another great show of support Sue Morse provided an absolutely outstanding meal for the entire unit on Saturday. There was so much food we were able to eat for two days. This meal came with a added burden as it was done on Sue' s Birthday hope She had a wonderful birthday in spite of all the work she did for us.
We send many Thanks to Sue.

All this support, along with the great work being done in the parades, the P.I.E. squad now starting to book new gigs shows what an outstanding unit the Aleppo Clowns are. We have a big schedule ahead even though we lost Newton we gained new parades in Sandwich and Littleton.

I want to personally thank all of you for all the work and support you have given and keep giving to our great unit.

Your Boss Clown,